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Dawn Insurance Group has been helping Americans and foreign nationals, families, and businesses who need insurance advice and peace-of-mind while in the US.

Our mission is to become your Trusted Advisor as you select the right life, health,and travel insurance for you, your family, and your company and employees.  Special attention is given to the foreign nationals here in the USA, as their unique needs often require additional support.

The Team

Isaac Shahar

Isaac Shahar (pronounced Sha'-har) is the Founder and President of Dawn Insurance Group.  Based in the Washington DC metro area,FL and CA.  Isaac is a certified insurance agent for Travel, Health, and Life Insurance.  Issac has been a business owner, entrepreneur, and real estate developer, and brings years of experience in the business world to the insurance industry.  A husband and proud father to three young boys, Issac has deep ties to Suburban Maryland, the District and his community.  Outside of work, Issac plays basketball at an above-average recreational level and is busy turning his backyard into a mini-farm to feed his hungry boys!


Amir Mushkat is a Senior Advisor to Dawn Insurance Group.  Also based in the Washington DC metro area.  Amir has been consulting companies and families since 2001, primarily in the areas of Group Health & Benefits, Private Health insurance (including Obamacare), Travel, Life, Medicare, and Disability. Amir has represented over 40 insurance carriers, assisting clients across the US, and abroad.

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